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What is a website makeover?

A website redesign entails a comprehensive overhaul of your existing web platform. Whether it’s due to outdated design or non-compliance with navigation standards, our expertise in UX design* ensures an apt visual refresh.

Technical issues like web security concerns or bugs may also prompt the need for an upgrade. In such cases, a technical overhaul becomes imperative.

User feedback often sheds light on site deficiencies. In every scenario, we commence with a thorough audit of your current site.

From there, we guide you through each stage of the redesign process, ensuring alignment with web standards and user expectations.

The extent of changes in your website redesign depends on the underlying reasons.

*UX design, or User Experience design, entails a deep understanding of web browsing behaviors, staying updated on web trends, and comprehending your target audience. This ensures that your website aligns perfectly with the expectations of your users.

What do you keep from your old site when you redesign it?

Not everything from your current site needs to be discarded during a redesign! At wizAcom, we understand the value of retaining key elements when revamping your website. Your traffic history, for instance, serves as a valuable asset, bolstering the reputation you’ve built with search engines over time.

Similarly, your existing content presents an opportunity for improvement; we review and rewrite it to enhance accessibility and optimise it for SEO.

Our goal is to make your content more engaging for visitors while ensuring it remains relevant to search engine algorithms like Google’s.

Additionally, we consider your multimedia assets, such as images, PDFs, and blog posts. Through a comprehensive content audit, we identify which elements should be retained, either in their entirety or in part.

The risks of a site redesign for your SEO

When it comes to website redesigns, preserving your existing SEO rankings is paramount. SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the cornerstone of achieving high rankings in search engine results pages, such as Google, organically, without relying solely on paid advertising.

To delve deeper into this topic, explore our article on the significance of optimised copywriting.

Redesigning your website carries inherent risks, particularly concerning SEO. The primary objective during a redesign is to sustain the positions of your well-ranked pages on search engines. However, one major risk is the potential decline in traffic if the redesign isn’t properly managed from a technical standpoint.

Therefore, it’s crucial to employ appropriate methods and tools to ensure that your old site’s performance is maintained while enhancing the visibility of your new pages. With wizAcom’s expertise in website redesigns, we utilise advanced techniques and tools to safeguard your existing SEO rankings and optimize the visibility of your redesigned pages.


We’ve leveraged our experience in redesigning over 20 websites, including those for international companies. Through this journey, we’ve gained valuable insights that can save you time and effort. Allow us to guide you in preventing your traffic from plummeting and ensuring that your visitors remain at the heart of your new site.

Remove zombie pages to maximise your SEO

During a website redesign, we conduct a comprehensive audit of your existing site to identify any “zombie pages” – those with empty or low-quality content, errors, or unoptimised tags.

These pages can drag down the overall SEO performance of your site, affecting other pages negatively.

Our goal is to help you discern which pages to retain, which to remove, and how to optimise the assets of your old website effectively.