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With wizAcom, you will not just understand French-speaking markets, you will conquer them. With our dual expertise in communication and French language mastery, we empower businesses to thrive. Expand your horizons with us, as we craft dynamic strategies that resonate with local audiences and drive unparalleled success.

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Your path to expert solutions with wizAcom

At wizAcom, we pride ourselves on connecting our clients with the most valuable tech experts for their web development, app development, or any tech project needs.

Through our extensive network and deep understanding of our clients’ requirements, we ensure they receive top-notch expertise tailored to their specific goals. Whether it’s building a website, crafting a mobile app, or tackling any tech challenge, we’re here to empower our clients with the best solutions.

With wizAcom, your Business Communications & Web technologies agency, rest assured that your tech projects are in capable hands, driving innovation and success every step of the way.

An agency for all your communication needs

With a master’s degree in global communications, wizAcom’s founder embarked on a journey in sports events before leading communications for an international construction company. From internal to crisis communications, web to press relations, even delving into influential communications and lobbying! Now, wizAcom excels in web and digital projects, while still embracing print media. Today, wizAcom stands ready to effectively communicate for you, across all sectors and media.

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Armelle reads with her son to enrich her writing
wizAcom's founder and her kid, a shared passion for reading

Why call ourselves wizAcom?

The word ‘wizardry’ means magic. You discovered this with Harry Potter a few years ago. Does wizAcom do magic? Maybe we do. A client called us recently and said: “I need your power of words” 😉 More than magic, we love it when the soul acts. We need to believe in the projects entrusted to us to be able to communicate well.

So WIZ (magic where the soul acts) + A (Armelle, the founder) + COM (communication) = wizAcom!

A bilingual communications agency to conquer French-speaking markets

As a bilingual Business Communications & Web technologies agency, we can help you with international communication projects. In addition to her extensive studies in English, the founder of wizAcom has held several positions in groups where English was the working language for nearly 14 years. So if you need a bilingual communications agency for your international projects, let’s talk!

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ux design site new reflections Australia

Maud V. – Corporate Training Facilitator & Executive Coach at New Reflections, Australia

At wizAcom, they have the knack for making everything simpler, prettier, better organized, and better explained. Whenever I reach out to the agency with what feels like an overwhelming challenge, Armelle immediately reassures me with her calm and gentle manner. I know she already has a solution in mind! Thank you, Armelle, for working your magic to present my company.