Integrated Communication Services for all companies

For over two decades, the founder of wizAcom has dedicated herself to assisting companies with their communication projects, always with the same goal: ensuring your message reaches the right audience, at the right moment. Delegate all or part of your communication tasks and optimise your time with wizAcom!

Web Communication Services

Our specialist team provides comprehensive communication services, covering everything from project management to crafting bespoke content. Entrust your content creation to wizAcom and focus on your core business. Specialising in web copywriting and SEO optimisation, we target your audience while enhancing your visibility on search engines.

Web communication - SEO copywriting - wizacom
Web project manager helping a wizAcom developer

Website creation or redesign

At wizAcom, we are fluent in the language of web technologies, enabling seamless communication with developers. When it comes to creating or redesigning your website, our expert becomes your dedicated Web Project Manager. They transform your brief into precise technical specifications, recruit top-tier developers, coordinate all stakeholders, and ensure adherence to your timeline. We rigorously verify all developments to guarantee flawless technical delivery. And if you choose to entrust us with content creation, we’ll be delighted to assist!

Project Management

For any short-term or long-term project, a dedicated member of the wizAcom team will seamlessly integrate with your team, assuming responsibility for managing your communication project:

  • listening to your needs,
  • creating project management tools,
  • retroplanning and coordinating the project team,
  • milestones,
  • effective implementation,
  • testing and delivery,
  • analysis and feedback report.
Communication project management by wizAcom
wizAcom integrated communication services

Optimise your communications with our integrated services

At wizAcom, we provide a comprehensive suite of integrated communication services to fulfil your diverse needs. Consolidating all your communication efforts with a single agency ensures enhanced coherence and consistent delivery of your company’s key messages across various channels. Together, we view your global communications as a strategic tool for value creation. Discover how wizAcom can empower you to effectively communicate compelling messages to your target audiences.

Tailor-made print communication solutions

Paper is not dead, long live printed communication! On physical media such as sales brochures, flyers, posters and kakemonos, copywriting requires a specific approach to prioritise information and make the message impactful. wizAcom writes for you and, if necessary, coordinates the work of the graphic designer to deliver the ideal communication tool, meeting your deadlines.

With our integrated communication services, you can centralise all your communication efforts and ensure consistency across all channels.

printed communications with wizAcom