Efficient & Flexible Communication Project Management Outsourcing

Save time and resources by delegating communication project management to wizAcom. Our experts seamlessly integrate into your team, crafting a tailored plan, monitoring progress, and ensuring the success of your strategy.

wizAcom Web Project Manager external to your company

Why use an agency for a communications project?

Engaging an external agency such as wizAcom for your communications project offers cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Your company may not require a full-time communicator, but for a specific project, our team of external project managers provides the insight and management tools necessary to deliver quality results on time, meeting your expectations.


What is a project?

At wizAcom, we view a communication project as a temporary endeavor aimed at fulfilling specific objectives, outlined by a contract with predefined deadlines and budgets.
Our approach encompasses clearly delineated stages, a dedicated project team, meticulous planning, and thorough monitoring of all involved parties. While retaining full control, our agency acts as coordinators, streamlining processes to save you time and ensure project success.

The efficiency of a Communications Project Manager

At wizAcom, we prioritize your ambitions! From planning to execution, our team coordinates both internal and external stakeholders, ensuring productive project outcomes.

  • Managing the project setup
  • Preparing for the various phases of the project
  • Monitoring the schedule
  • Organising and leading project monitoring meetings
  • Reporting progress to the project owner
  • Managing the project closure phase
  • Conducting the project review
project management communication with productivity

Key figures for successful project management

A few years ago, as the European Web Technologies Manager for a global group in the healthcare sector, the founder of wizAcom managed a website redesign project. This experience provided her with invaluable expertise in project management, which she now imparts to her teams.

Here are some highlights of this project: 15 websites redesigned in 18 months, in 12 languages, involving 80 people spread across 5 time zones. She also established a team, handling recruitment, training, and support.

Today, this experience has equipped her with the cultural rigour and adaptability to seamlessly integrate her talents into an existing team. She can motivate and coach multi-talented individuals who are often heavily engaged in their day-to-day tasks.

At wizAcom, we prefer to avoid the term ‘project leader’ as it implies a hierarchical structure. Instead, we believe that each team member contributes to a vibrant palette of colours, collectively crafting work that meets our client’s expectations.