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Outsourcing website creation: Why should you partner with wizAcom?

Creating a website requires expertise in various aspects such as design, development, copywriting, and project management.

By entrusting this task to a French professional agency, you can benefit from their listening skills, the expertise of top developers, quality copywriting, effective project monitoring, and overall high-quality results.

Creating a website is a pivotal project aimed at establishing your business’s online presence. If your competitors are already leveraging their websites, it may be time for you to consider creating yours.

At wizAcom, we specialise in the comprehensive management of website projects. As a French website agency, we’re dedicated to assisting international companies in thriving within French-speaking markets.

We handle everything from coordinating team members and managing schedules to conducting technical tests, optimising SEO, and crafting compelling content. Throughout the process, you remain in control, making key decisions while we ensure seamless execution.

This approach allows you to focus on your core business while we bring your online presence to life.

Steps to create a website

Choose efficiency by partnering with a web project specialist agency. At wizAcom, we’re committed to delivering on your objectives and requirements with precision.

Our process begins with attentive listening to your expectations, probing to uncover every detail.

Once you entrust us with your project, here’s how we proceed:

  • Translating your needs into technical solutions.
  • Crafting a comprehensive set of specifications.
  • Identifying the most suitable developers for your project, each with their own expertise (WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, mobile applications, etc.).
  • Establishing a realistic retroplanning schedule that accommodates everyone’s time constraints.
  • Initiating the project with a kick-off session.
  • Designing UX and graphic mock-ups for a responsive website. 
  • Conducting milestone monitoring meetings and validation checkpoints.
  • Coordinating technical aspects and accepting developments. 
  • Integrating content and optimising for SEO.
  • Delivering and launching the project. 
  • Conducting a thorough project assessment.
  • Providing ongoing site monitoring and maintenance post-launch.

Partnering with a French agency specialising in web project management offers several benefits. You sidestep the rigidity of an employment contract, collaborate with a dedicated individual from the agency for your website creation, and maintain control over costs, which are categorised as purchases rather than personnel expenses. With a track record of over 30 websites created for our clients, wizAcom is well-equipped to assist you. Let’s discuss your web project today.