Unlocking the Power of Global Communication

Whatever the size of your business, communication is essential. You communicate with your teams, customers, suppliers, prospects, institutions, service providers and colleagues. Entrusting your global communication to wizAcom brings a fresh look to all your communication tools, strengthening your coherence and your 360° reach!

wizAcom integrated communication services

Improve your communication with a global approach

You’re the expert in your field. But how do you ensure that your company is optimally promoted to your target audiences? With a global communications approach, wizAcom takes your needs into account, validates your objectives and draws up a communications plan tailored to your audience. This plan incorporates your communication strategy and the necessary tools, with a delivery schedule defined in consultation with you. And so the creative process begins!

Global communication seen as an investment, not a cost

Communication is seen as an investment rather than an expense. And why is that? Because working together to develop a coherent overall communications strategy creates value. It sets you apart from the competition and encourages you to be transparent with your target audiences. You commit your company to a sustainable approach, generate interest and maximise the impact of your messages.

Global communication as an investment for companies with wizAcom

Global communication tools

Visualise a natural ecosystem and observe how living beings and plants interact to form a coherent whole. The same applies to global communication: each communication tool must be designed to coexist with the others.

The acceleration of access to information – with the internet and social networks – makes the implementation of global communication more than necessary.

Quite a programme, isn’t it? Where would you like to start?

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Digital communication

Digital communication tools include showcase websites, blogs, online shops, social networks, online advertising, e-mailing, webinars and company presentations (such as powerpoint slideshows for bid presentations).

Print communication

In addition to the web, traditional paper-based communication tools offer unique advantages that complement digital strategies. Sales brochures, kakemonos, leaflets, business cards, and greeting cards provide tangible and memorable ways to connect with your audience.

Event communication

Event communication is a powerful tool for reaching out directly to your target audiences. Trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, sporting events: these are all opportunities to connect with your audience and strengthen your presence in the field.

Other types of communication

Finally, for the sake of completeness, we should point out that telephone reception, sales promotion tools such as a loyalty programme, or an extranet, are all image vectors that must remain consistent with all communication media.

in global communications the power of language and words with wizacom

Using language to convey your messages

The level of language and the tone of your communication materials need to take a number of parameters into account. Together, we’ll work out where to place your cursor.

  • The audience: depending on your target audience, the language should be more or less formal, sustained, technical or, on the contrary, dynamic, quirky or humorous.
  • The content of the message itself: announcing a crisis situation does not require the same level of language as a forthcoming festive event for your teams.
  • The company's values: your company's DNA counts when it comes to creating messages.

Global communication also includes internal communication

Perhaps we’re going to lose some of you by saying this, but… Have you thought about your in-house teams when designing your global communications? Your team members are your company’s first ambassadors. Encourage them to take part in the communication effort! Make them want to spread your messages. Using simple tools, we can help you transform your team into a crew where, because you’re “all in the same boat”, you all shine together!

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