Paper communication an undeniable asset for your visibility!

Paper communication remains an effective strategy for captivating your target audience. From flyers to posters and sales brochures, these physical media require a specific editorial approach. At wizAcom, we master this art by prioritising information and making each message punchy. We can help you with copywriting and coordinate with graphic designers to provide you with high-quality communication tools that meet your deadlines.

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The sales brochure, a useful paper communication tool

Sales brochures have a number of advantages when it comes to supporting your teams in the field. The customer/prospect can touch the document and turn the pages, leaving something tangible after your sales representative has left. With a paper brochure, it doesn’t matter where you are: you don’t need an internet connection to make your sales pitch!

Depending on your needs, we’ll draft your sales aid and coordinate the work of the graphic designer and printer to deliver a document that lives up to your expectations and meets your deadlines.

The flyer: a cost-effective and high-quality paper communication tool

The flyer is an excellent sales promotion tool. Tailored to your target audience, it can be distributed through letterboxes or placed in strategic, high-traffic locations. They can also be used forevents such as trade fairs. You define the format and the message, and we write short, hard-hitting texts.

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Did you know? Communicating on paper can be more eco-friendly than a website!

There is no such thing as zero ecological impact in the digital world. The servers needed to run web pages consume energy to cool them, not to mention the carbon footprint of users.

Paradoxical at first glance, paper communication can sometimes have a smaller carbon footprint than a website. Opt for paper from sustainable sources, a printer using eco-friendly inks, and a sober design from your graphic designer to reduce your environmental impact.

Paper communication tool for events

Event communication needs paper

At trade shows or public events, printed communication commands attention.

Whether it’s a kakemono, brochure, catalogue, or flyer, each medium is crucial for distinguishing yourself amidst the crowd.

For impactful communication personalized to your audience, rely on our expertise!

Do you have a paper communications project? Let's talk about it!

From sales brochures to flyers and event materials, and beyond—wizAcom ensures your paper communication project is handled with care. We listen attentively to your needs, diving deep into your world and objectives to deliver impactful content across all mediums. Whether you have a graphic designer on board or not, we collaborate closely to bring your vision to life.

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