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Communications consultancy since 2021

wizAcom has been partnering with Les Filles de Beauregard since 2021, providing communication consultancy services for their esteemed brand.

Our collaboration was sparked by our admiration (strictly professional, of course 😊) for Émilie, the driving force behind the company, and her inspiring story, values, and vision for her profession.

But who exactly is Émilie Cheminaud?

A former agricultural engineer, she made the bold decision to trade her bustling Parisian lifestyle for the serene charm of her parents’ farm: 90 hectares of picturesque Charentais vineyards, lush orchards, and sprawling fields cultivating a variety of crops including cereals, rape, and chickpeas, among others. Émilie’s commitment to sustainable agriculture is evident in every aspect of her work, as she passionately transforms her bountiful produce into delectable and innovative recipes. With her boundless creativity and ambitious projects, it’s truly a pleasure for wizAcom to stand by her side and offer our support.

Redesign of the online shop as first project

When wizAcom first began collaborating with Les Filles de Beauregard, the company already had an existing online shop. However, Émilie encountered challenges with her previous service provider, who imposed high monthly fees and offered inadequate support.

For the redesign project, we proposed that Émilie partner with Christelle, a freelance WordPress webdesigner with whom wizAcom had established a strong working relationship.

Project Management for Website Redesign:

Thanks to Émilie’s confidence in our team, we seamlessly coordinated with Christelle, managing our respective tasks independently:

1. Drafting comprehensive specifications
2. Selection of the most suitable WordPress theme tailored for an online gourmet shop
3. Identification of tools and plugins ensuring high performance, security, and GDPR compliance
4. Creation of UX design mock-ups to enhance user experience
5. SEO-focused copywriting for all static pages
6. Development of nearly 80 product descriptions
7. SEO-optimized revision of existing articles from the previous blog
8. Restructuring of URLs and implementation of 301 redirects
9. Thorough testing and approval of Christelle’s developments
10. Organisation of milestone meetings for Émilie’s review and validation of project progress
11. Seamless integration of all textual and visual content, with each image meticulously optimized for search engine indexing
12. Assistance provided during the website launch phase
13. Strategic communication to announce the launch of Les Filles de Beauregard online shop.


As a web copywriting agency, crafting content for Les Filles de Beauregard brings us immense joy. This company embodies exceptional values and produces gourmet products of the highest quality. Moreover, Émilie’s passion for French agriculture shines through, coupled with her profound respect for her team members.

Communications consultancy for all media

Since the launch of the new online boutique, wizAcom has been collaborating closely with Les Filles de Beauregard on various communication initiatives, including:

1. Brand book creation: Developing a comprehensive guide to ensure consistent adherence to the company’s graphic standards across all creative endeavors.
2. Sales promotion for the online shop: Implementing promotional strategies, crafting new product descriptions, and enhancing the overall shopping experience.
3. Monthly blog article writing: Producing engaging and informative content to keep the audience informed and engaged.
4. Social media community management: Regularly posting and engaging with the audience on various social media platforms.
5. Print communication advice: Offering guidance on print materials such as banners, flyers, and press releases, as well as packaging redesigns.
6. Event communication: Planning and executing special events such as shop openings and contests to boost brand visibility.
7. New product photography: Capturing high-quality images to showcase products authentically and connect with customers.
8. Email marketing campaigns: Creating and executing email campaigns using GDPR-compliant tools, including template design, content creation, and database management.
9. Google Ads campaigns: Strategising and implementing paid advertising campaigns to increase visibility and drive traffic to the online boutique.

Communications consultancy and appreciation:

Expressing gratitude to Émilie for her trust and collaboration, and celebrating the exciting projects undertaken together. The journey with Les Filles de Beauregard has been remarkable, and wizAcom looks forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.

Armelle, the founder of wizAcom, extends heartfelt thanks to Émilie for her ongoing support and the opportunity to collaborate on such fantastic endeavors. Cheers to many more successful ventures together! 🌟