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SEO article rewriting service for Habitat-Automatisme

Habitat-Automatisme is an online store specialising in home automation. With the trust of its managing director, wizAcom has collaborated with the e-commerce manager since July 2023, tasked with rewriting blog articles and product descriptions on the website.

A key strategy for enhancing the visibility of an online store is to optimize website content for search engines (SEO). Expertly rewriting blog posts lies at the core of this strategy, offering the potential to attract qualified traffic.

Therefore, integrating a blog into an e-commerce platform can significantly enhance its organic SEO performance and sales potential.

Rewriting existing content to optimise natural referencing

If you have an online shop, visibility is key to making sales. Every website relies on search engines, and without regular updates, your site may disappear from search results.

However, by regularly publishing new content, you ensure that your site remains visible to Google’s robots.

This enables them to scan your content more frequently, understand your website better, and recommend your pages to visitors more often.

Why rewrite blog posts?

When rewriting blog posts, wizAcom doesn’t just focus on correcting grammar and spelling errors. Our goal is to enhance clarity, relevance, and impact of the content.

For effective SEO, we strategically incorporate keywords while ensuring the content remains engaging for visitors. As an agency specialising in article rewriting, wizAcom collaborates closely with the e-commerce manager of Habitat-Automatisme online shop.

This cooperation allows us to modernise content that may be over 10 years old. For instance, updating links to product sheets is essential. By revitalising the content of blog articles, we aim to make them more appealing to readers and search engines alike.

How to rewrite SEO articles?

As a specialist SEO copywriting agency, wizAcom prioritises immersing itself in your world. Before embarking on the article rewriting process, we endeavour to understand the essence of your business.

For instance, determining the appropriate tone requires knowledge of your target audience. It’s paramount that you share your specific objectives with us! This ensures content that resonates with both humans and search algorithms.

Prior to penning the first word, we diligently acquaint ourselves with your industry, values, and brand voice. Additionally, we assess your competition, scrutinising their visibility and communication channels.

This deep dive enables us to grasp the nuances of your business sector and pinpoint relevant keywords for your market. We firmly believe that effective rewriting for Google’s algorithms hinges on our assimilation of your world’s specifics.

This approach guarantees that each rewritten article not only meets SEO standards but also authentically reflects your business’s essence. wizAcom aims to bolster your online presence in a genuine and enduring manner.



Every online shop is unique, with distinct content needs. Our approach to rewriting blog posts is entirely customised to your requirements. A wizAcom expert begins by comprehensively understanding your business, target audience, and specific objectives. Through close collaboration with you, we ensure that each post not only mirrors your brand but also optimizes its SEO potential.