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Essential questions before a website creation

Creating a new website raises many questions. Are you planning to create your own website? Great! Before you start looking for your service provider, wizAcom has put together a list of useful questions to help you stay in control of your project. These questions will even help you stay in control of your budget! They are designed to define the project and, above all, to provide a framework for the agencies or freelancers you are going to interview. Let’s get started!

Prepare yourself with these questions before contacting web service providers

It’s crucial to consider several key aspects outlined in this list of questions before reaching out to web design agencies. By contemplating the context in which the site will operate, its desired functionalities, and its content beforehand, you’ll be better equipped to guide the discussion during your meetings. Rather than scrambling to define your objectives and requirements on the spot, this preparation allows for more productive and focused interactions with potential service providers.

Contextual Questions

  1. What is your company’s primary activity? Understanding your industry helps us grasp its dynamics and competitiveness.
  2. What is the purpose of your website? Clarifying whether it’s a showcase site or an online shop helps align our strategies with your business objectives.
  3. Who is your target audience? Defining personas allows us to tailor content to different demographics, considering factors such as age, interests, and purchasing behavior.
  4. Do you have a budget in mind? Establishing a budget early on aids in determining the scope of your website project and whether you’d like to explore multiple service providers for pricing options.

Feature-related questions

  1. Do you prefer managing website updates yourself or delegating this task?
  2. Are you familiar with CMS platforms like WordPress, Wix, or Joomla? Do you have a preference?
  3. Do you intend to have a blog for regular company updates?
  4. Are you planning to integrate videos on your website?
  5. Do you prefer a static or animated website design?
  6. What contact method do you prefer: contact form or direct display of contact details?
  7. If opting for a form, would you like protection against hacking attempts (e.g., Google Recaptcha)?
  8. Would you like to include an interactive map on the contact page (e.g., Google Maps)?
  9. Do you require analytics tools to track visitor behavior (e.g., page views, time spent on pages)
  10. Are you considering online advertising (e.g., Google Ads) to increase website traffic?
  11. Do you require a secure document-sharing space accessible only to designated contacts? Are you planning to have a multilingual website?
  12. Do you need integration with external systems such as ERP or CRM?
  13. Would you like to feature your social media profiles on the website?

Our discussions may lead to additional inquiries 😊

*CMS: Content Management System, an online software facilitating website modifications without coding knowledge.

Ensuring quality content: essential inquiries for your website

  1. Do you currently possess content outlining your company and its operations?
  2. Are you aiming to enhance your pages’ visibility on Google? This will determine if SEO-optimised writing or rewriting services are necessary.
  3. Do you possess an image repository for website illustrations?
  4. Additionally, do you have a graphic identity, including a logo, icons, and other brand-specific graphic elements?
  5. For a multilingual website, do you have translators available, or would you prefer us to handle their recruitment and coordination?
  6. Are you interested in incorporating a blog for regular company-related updates?
  7. Do you have video content to integrate into your website?
  8. Do you prefer a clean, static website or one with animated elements?
  9. Have you considered the sitemap?
  10. Upon content finalisation and approval, do you have the internal capacity to manage its integration, or would you prefer our assistance?

*The sitemap of a website is the organisation of the sections, pages and sub-pages of your site, as well as the links to be created between content.

In addition to addressing content-related queries, we’ll delve into design aspects and strategic planning for your forthcoming website. These deliberations are instrumental in refining your website creation project. Ultimately, we trust they’ll inspire you to consider wizAcom as a premier service provider to engage with. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you!