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Helping to reduce environmental impact

In today’s ever-evolving digital world, the manufacture, use, and disposal of electronic devices play a crucial role in our society’s environmental impact.

At WizAcom, we are dedicated to raising awareness among our clients about the importance of taking responsible action throughout the lifecycle of their devices.

Explore how you can reduce the environmental footprint of your appliances while optimizing their utility.

1- Opt for reconditioned products

Reconditioning involves selecting pre-owned equipment that undergoes testing, repair if needed, and comes with a warranty from reputable Australian platforms like WorkVentures, the Reconnect Project, and Revive Techs.
Indeed, they all provide sustainable alternatives.
Choosing a refurbished laptop over a new one can save an average of 836 kg of raw materials.

2- Repair as much as possible

Opt for repair instead of replacement. Whether it’s a cracked smartphone screen or an ageing computer, repairing helps save an average of 221 kg of raw materials.

For responsible digital usage, extending the lifespan of your computer from 2 to 4 years reduces its environmental footprint by half.

3- Donate or sell your unused equipment

Give a second life to your appliances in good condition by selling them to reconditioning professionals. For devices that can’t be repaired, consider donating them to DIY enthusiasts via platforms such as GiveNow.


Let’s build your digital responsibility! At your own pace, according to your priorities, wizAcom can help you reduce your digital footprint!

4- Recycle as a last resort for true digital responsibility

Recycling is an option to be considered as a last resort. Reuse, repair, sell or donate before recycling.

If necessary, take your end-of-life appliances to the recycling bins available in supermarkets, DIY shops and electrical goods shops.

5- Opt for responsible power consumption

The electricity consumed by your devices ranks as the second-largest contributor to environmental impact in the digital realm.

Opt for a green electricity provider through platforms like the Australian Green Power Platform to mitigate the significant impact of electricity generation.

Though it may seem obvious, it’s always worth remembering: power down devices on standby and unplug them to minimize unnecessary energy consumption.

By embracing these responsible practices, you actively contribute to environmental preservation while maximizing the benefits of technology.

At WizAcom, we champion a digital world that prioritizes environmental stewardship and promotes sustainable solutions. Join us as we strive for a more responsible digital future.