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Digital communications services for a professional trade fair

Based near Angoulême, in Charente, wizAcom presents a case study highlighting its digital communication services. This project was managed both locally – with meetings held in Cognac – and remotely. One of our team members provided support specifically for the digital communication aspect of a professional trade show. Their responsibilities included digital copywriting for social media and pre-event emails. On the event day itself, our digital communication service provider transformed into a ‘journalist‘, capturing notes and photographs.

Communicating and Embracing Professional Values

In this project supporting social media communications for a packaging trade fair in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, our expert leveraged a rich array of professional and human values. This included:

  • traversing the vineyards between Angoulême and Cognac for team meetings,
  • engaging in collaborative brainstorming during telephone meetings,
  • consistently writing about a captivating subject for over two years,
  • experiencing the thrill of event organization, even from a distance,
  • being able to capture the essence of the event through note-taking and photography, creating valuable content for future use.

Engaging in Real-time Community Management (Almost!)

Our client, the Graphic and Packaging cluster for the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, maintains an active presence on LinkedIn and Facebook, primarily targeting professionals in the luxury goods industry.

Our digital communication service enables us to attentively listen to conferences, capture key discussions through note-taking, and capture moments with photographs. By actively listening to conferences, we can craft an editorial angle that resonates with our audience. Following the conference, our client validates the photos and the overall post plan for publication.

With confidence and autonomy, wizAcom’s community manager then takes charge of writing, optimizing images, and publishing content on social networks within a short timeframe.


wizAcom has been collaborating with the VS Pack trade show since 2021. Initially, the partnership began with the redesign of their website in two languages. Subsequently, wizAcom extended its services to include community management both before and during the 2023 event.
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A big thank you to Virginie, Christelle, and Yohan for your contagious positivity and for entrusting us with such fantastic projects!