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Webinar on SEO trends in 2024

Explore the latest insights from SmartKeyWord’s recent webinar on the ‘SEO Revolution in 2024,’ where we participated as eager learners.

Gain valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of Google’s results pages, including:

  • the rise of the Search Generative Experience (SGE) driven by AI,
  • the significance of Shopping Feeds,
  • the emphasis on local content, and
  • the synergy between SEO/SEA strategies.

In this article, we offer a participant’s perspective tailored to your strategic decision-making needs. Stay ahead of the curve in 2024!

Big SEO trend 2024 with the SGE

Google’s search results pages are constantly evolving, and you may have noticed significant changes already. One such change is the introduction of the Search Generative Experience (S.G.E), an enhanced search experience powered by AI.

In the near future, you can expect to see shopping ad blocks seamlessly integrated into the organic results. Additionally, Google is incorporating AI directly into its search pages, although this feature is currently being tested in select countries and not yet available in France.

As a leading SEO agency based in France, we’re closely monitoring these developments. While the specifics of the informational search tool’s design are still unclear, it’s evident that users will engage with a dialogue box powered by Google’s AI technology.

Google in 2024 wants relevant results

Nowadays, Google is not very relevant for certain queries. We’ve all had the experience of Google searches for travel where, when you click, you end up having to start from the beginning once you’ve arrived at the desired site.

This is more or less the spirit in which Google is focusing its efforts: to keep you on its search platform as long as possible so that, once you leave, you have as few clicks as possible to get what you want…

The shopping feed sends SEO results to the bottom of the page

Try it out! Nearly all our Google searches now prompt us to make a purchase. Sometimes, refining your search keywords is necessary to obtain more relevant results.

Google’s shopping feed is gaining traction! However, Google faces fierce competition:

  • Young people are increasingly turning to Instagram for search.
  • Amazon serves as both a marketplace and a robust search engine.
  • ChatGPT engages in dialogues with web users and offers relevant answers. As a result, Google must adapt its search engine to remain competitive in areas where it currently lacks relevance.

What does Google's strategy mean for advertisers?

All these changes mean that advertisers will have to make choices to find the right mix of SEA and SEO.

The 2024 trend suggests a decrease in overall ad clicks. However, due to the increased time spent on Google for refining searches, visitors arriving at your website are likely to be more qualified leads.”

In 2024, SEO remains an essential part of your strategic mix. Depending on your objectives, you need to find the right SEO/SEA ratio.

Navigating SEO rules for websites targeting B2B audiences in 2024

Search engines often blur the line between targeting consumers and businesses.

While the elements mentioned above may be more pertinent for B2C targets, there’s good news for B2B SEO.

Searches between professionals hold a promising future for SEO, as the shopping feed seldom appears in professional search results.

For instance, when we searched for “CRM” (a purely professional tool), the results page retained a more traditional appearance.


Conclusion of the 2024 SEO trends

Covering all topics in an hour-long webinar can be challenging. Therefore, it’s up to you to determine which of the following areas you prioritize for your business:

  • The product sheet will be an essential SEO tool in 2024,
  • The shopping feed and AI move natural SEO results further down the page,
  • Search Console CTRs are essential for deciding where to focus your efforts,
  • Even if it seems counter-intuitive, continue your SEA efforts to position your brand (and call us 😊!)
  • Empower SEA to drive sales and SEO to illuminate your brand's value proposition
If, after reading this article, you feel that you need help for 2024, it may be time to discuss your needs together.

NB: SmartKeyWord has developed high-quality SEO seminars* that are available in replay. You will have to be patient to see the webinar that is the subject of this article.
[*with French speaking experts]